Designing My Own Blog Template


This template was built to make it easy for you to setup without touching much of the code. Most sections were built using widgets so you’ll just need to edit each one accordingly. Follow the steps below to correctly setup the template so it will look like the screen shot above.

Before we begin, I want to point out the very cool sidebar tab switching feature. You probably didn’t notice it right away so look at the search box on the right side. Notice the second tab called “Categories” and click on it. Assuming you’ve got at least one category, you’ll instantly switch without the page reloading. Pretty cool huh? This was part of the original design for WordPress and eBlog Templates specially converted it over to Blogger using Javascript.

Header Tabs

When you first load up the template, you won’t see any tabs. Don’t worry, it’s working properly and you just need to add new tabs. Unlike other Blogger templates, you don’t need to edit the code to add or remove tabs. Just go into the page element area and click on “edit” within the “Top Tabs” widget. Surprise, it’s a simple link list widget so just add as many tabs as you want with ease.

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